Band of Congo Radio Reporters Aid Rape Victims
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 2:52 PM

A November 2008 article written by Dominique Soguel and published on Women’s eNews documents the activities of the South Kivu Women’s Media Association (AFEM). Rape is extremely prevalent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and women living in rural areas are particularly susceptible to being raped. 

According to the article, AFEM, a group of women who work in the media industry, is trying to combat rape by conducting an outreach campaign. AFEM uses the radio to broadcast stories of rape survivors to women in rural areas.  The organization encourages rape survivors to speak out about their experience and educate other women about their rights. The hope is that this outreach program will help fight the cultural taboo surrounding rape. AFEM educates rural communities and seeks to de-stigmatize rape and sexual violence.

AFEM has been extremely successful in its outreach efforts. The article reports that the organization has reached over 10,000 women living in rural regions of the country. Radio and television broadcasting programs also report on other issues affecting Congolese women, such as domestic violence, gender, and good governance.

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Compiled from: Soguel, Dominique, “Band of Congo Radio Reporters Aid Rape Victims”, Women’s eNews, 12 November 2008.