Belarus: Domestic Violence NGOs Among Those Liquidated by Government
Wednesday, April 26, 2023 3:00 PM

In April, the BBC investigated the liquidation of NGOs in Belarus, and other actions to take domestic violence out of the spotlight and pretend that it is not the big issue that it is in that nation.  One of the dissolved NGOs, Radislava, was penalized for participating in protests in 2020 after the presidential elections.  This NGO gave shelter and resources to women and children from abusive homes.  Months after the NGO and others were dissolved for actions that were allegedly against the government, they still receive calls and messages from women who do not realize that the support and shelter the women need is no longer available.

Compiled from: Maria Sysoy, "Ballet in a Minefield. How the Belarusian Authorities Destroyed Civil Society and Who Helps Vulnerable Groups Now," BBC, April 26, 2023.