Cambodia: Government Agrees to Review Domestic Violence Law

In July, the Government of Cambodia signed a letter of agreement with UN Women signaling the beginning of a 5-year review of its domestic violence law. Human rights advocates have long criticized the 2005 law for failing to adequately protect victims or comply with the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. For example, advocates say the 2005 law does not protect victims of domestic abuse who are unmarried, nor does it require mandatory protective orders against abusers.

Some women’s rights advocates note that while amendments to the 2005 domestic abuse law are needed to maximize protection and assistance for victims, better implementation of the current law and increased victim access to the justice system are necessary steps in the shorter term.


Compiled from: Kohlbacher, Sonia, Controversial Domestic Abuse Law Under Government Review, The Cambodia Daily (August 27, 2016)