Cameroon: Efforts to Address Gender-Based Violence against Women
Wednesday, September 13, 2023 2:55 PM

United Youths Organization (UYO), a partner of UN Women, reports a serious need for more gender-based violence (GBV) services in Cameroon as the country faces multiple human and natural crises. UYO estimates that close to one million residents need GBV services -- 94 percent of them being women and girls. UYO says that social norms in Cameroon have traditionally been tolerant of men's physical and sexual violation of women, and that victims are afraid to report their abuse for fear of retaliation and authorities' unwillingness to pursue accountability. With global funding, UYO is organizing grassroots discussions that bring together men, women, and religious and traditional leaders that UYO reports have had a positive impact on enhancing men's emotional recognition of the harms permitted under certain stereotypical social norms. UN Women, with UYO and other partners, have also established HeForShe groups of hundreds of men and boys trained on positive types of masculinity that oppose gender-based violence.

Compiled from: "Tackling discriminatory gender norms in Cameroon," UN Women, August 17, 2023.