Colombia: New Report Examines Endemic Impunity of Sexual Violence against Women during Armed Conflict
Monday, October 10, 2011 11:20 AM

Amnesty International released a new report regarding the persistent impunity of sexual violence perpetrators in Colombia throughout its armed conflict. Women and girls are often targets of sexual violence during armed conflict, as the case in Colombia demonstrates. All sides of fighting have perpetrated acts of sexual violence and most have gone unpunished by the government.

Though the new 2010 administration has vowed to rectify the endemic human rights abuses, little progress has been made. Victims of sexual violence have little or no access to truth, justice, or reparations for the crimes committed against them. This problem of impunity results from many factors, including a historical precedent of impunity, a lack of witness and victim protection measures, and inadequate legislation regarding the punishment of rape as a crime. The report calls upon the Colombian government to develop a comprehensive action plan to end sexual violence, which includes combating the continued impunity of sexual violence perpetrators.

Compiled from: AWID, A New Report: Amnesty International: “This is What We Demand. Justice! Impunity for Sexual Violence against Women in Colombia’s Armed Conflict (27 September 2011), Colombian Authorities Fail Survivors of Sexual Violence (21 September 2011).