COVID-19 Domestic Violence Country Updates: Hong Kong
Sunday, June 28, 2020 1:30 PM


Between January and March, reports of domestic violence in Hong Kong increased by 25% according to the Harmony House, a Hong Kong shelter for abused women and children. In March, RainLily, a crisis center run by the Hong Kong charity Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, reported a 30% increase in calls reporting domestic violence. Since the beginning of the pandemic, women’s organizations have increased the role that their social media plays with respect to reaching out to those in need. The Hong Kong government has had a limited response in responding to the increase in domestic violence. While they have continued the Social Welfare Department’s 24-hour hotline and allowed for domestic violence shelters to remain open, activists believe they must take more measures. Organizations such as Harmony House, RainLily, and The Women’s Foundation have written to the Hong Kong government demanding that domestic violence prevention be incorporated into the COVID-19 response plan.