Czech Republic Fails to Implement Measures Against Enforced Sterilization of Romani Women
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 3:55 PM

Two and a half months after the Czech Public Defender of Rights (“Ombudsman”) published a ground-breaking report on enforced sterilization of Romani women in the Czech Republic, the government has implemented no part of the Ombudsman’s recommendations.  With the release of the English translation of the report in March, Czech, European, and international civil society members urge the Czech government to take action on ensuring the rights of all Czech women by implementing the measures suggested by the Ombudsman.  Currently, sterilization victims suffer without due remedy and all Czech women remain at risk of enforced sterilization.     


Compiled from: Czech Report on Coercive Sterilization of Romani Women Published in English Translation, European Roma Rights Centre, 14 March 2006.