Child Protective Services and Domestic Violence

Last updated August 2012

A frequent consequence of children’s involvement in domestic violence, as either victims or witnesses, is an investigation by child protective services (CPS). Instead of taking action to remove perpetrators from the home and hold them accountable, CPS often alleges neglect by the victim and removes the children from their custody.[i] If victims do not take action to remove the perpetrator from the home, it is often used as evidence against them in child protection proceedings.[ii] However, victims are also blamed when perpetrators are present in the home despite their efforts to have them removed.[iii] Victims of domestic violence may even have conflicting orders from family court and child protection regarding the presence of a violent parent in the home. When victims draw attention to domestic violence by seeking help, the result may be an investigation by CPS that can lead to losing custody of their children.[iv]

  •  “Failure to protect” statutes should not be used to blame victims of domestic violence or to unjustly remove children from the custody of non-violent parents.[v]

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