Drafting Laws on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls

last updated September, 2020


In partnership with UN Women, The Advocates for Human Rights created a section on drafting laws on sex trafficking of women and girls for UN Women's Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls. This section, along with sections addressing other forms of violence against women and girls, may be found under Legislation at www.endvawnow.org. These sections provide guidance for drafting criminal and civil legislation regarding human trafficking, as well as for immigration legislation relative to trafficking.


Throughout this section on Drafting Laws on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls, reference to certain provisions or sections of a piece of legislation, part of a legal judgment, or aspect of a practice does not imply that the legislation, judgment, or practice is considered in its entirety to be a promising practice. Some of the laws cited there in may contain provisions which authorize the death penalty. In light of the United Nations General Assembly resolutions 62/149 and 63/168 calling for a moratorium on and ultimate abolition of capital punishment, the death penalty should not be included in sentencing provisions for crimes of violence against women and girls.