England/Wales: Ministry of Justice Proposes Criminalizing Nonconsensual Deepfake Porn
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 10:15 AM

The United Kingdom's Ministry of Justice has proposed criminalizing nonconsensual deepfake porn in England and Wales. The Minister for Victims and Safeguarding stated that, "to the best of (her) knowledge," the two countries within the UK would be the first in the world to outlaw the creation of sexually explicit deepfakes. Under the proposal, anyone who creates such images or videos of another adult without their consent would face criminal penalties and a fine in an unlimited amount. The proposed law will be introduced through an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill currently under consideration in Parliament.

Compiled from: Anna Cooban, "Making deepfake porn without consent could soon be a crime in England," CNN, Apr. 17, 2024.