EU Council and Parliamentary Resolutions
last updated 17 December 2007

The European Union has also introduced a number of non-binding resolutions and recommendations that address sexual harassment. In December 1984, the Council of Ministers of the EU adopted the Recommendation on the Promotion of Positive Action for Women, which recommends that a policy be adopted to eliminate existing inequalities in the workplace, and to promote a better balance between the sexes in employment. It also encourages positive action to increase the respect for the dignity of women in the workplace.

In 1986, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on Violence Against Women, calling for the collection of information about the incidence of violence against women and the financial costs of violence against women. This resolution includes detailed recommendations for member states on sexual harassment. It calls on states to review national labor and antidiscrimination legislation to see how it applies to sexual harassment, and to propose additional legislation to address any inadequacies found during this review.

In 1990, the Council of Ministers adopted a Resolution on the Protection of the Dignity of Women and Men at Work. This resolution recognizes both quid pro quo harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment as "an intolerable violation of the dignity of workers and trainees." It calls on member states to develop training and education for employers and employees.