Europe: Human Trafficking On Increase
Friday, April 27, 2012 11:50 AM

Human trafficking is increasing in Europe, according to Eurojust, the European Union’s crime-fighting unit. However, the number of cases being brought against traffickers is grossly inadequate when compared to the number of victims. The United Nations estimates that human trafficking nets € 32 billion globally per year. Despite the alarming numbers, Eurojust brought only 74 cases in 2009, up from 19 in 2004.

There was a sharp increase in trafficking when Romania and Bulgaria entered the union in 2007. Other primary sources of trafficking victims are Hungary and Nigeria. Many poor girls and women are lured to places such as the Netherlands with promises of work, but end up working as sex slaves and prostitutes. Up to 300 prostituted women work in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, where they are expected to earn at least € 1000 a night. At € 50 a client, they are servicing at least 20 clients a night. When the victims try to leave, they are forced to stay.

 Compiled from:  Sale of Women and Girls Booms in Europe, EU Observer (26 April 2012).