European Parliament Studies Effects of Sexualization of Young Girls in the Media
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4:30 PM

The European Parliament is due to adopt a report on the portrayal of young girls in the media. A recent meeting attended by members of the Parliament addressed the concern of increased sexualization of young girls in the media. The meeting sought to raise awareness and develop concrete strategies for combating the problem. Experts say the increased sexualization of girls in the media is a dangerous trend, which contributes to gender inequalities and violence against women.

The European Parliament invited experts to share their experiences and provide a voice for the issue. According to one expert, this generation is arguably the first to be exposed to rape and sexual violence in the media before having their first sexual experiences. The expert also presented statistics and examples regarding 10-year-olds being sexually harassed in schools, one in three teenage girls experiencing sexual violence from their boyfriends, and 11-year-olds being exposed to pornography.