New European Union Law Makes Protection Orders Effective Internationally
Friday, December 16, 2011 3:20 PM

Each state of the European Union has legislation which protects victims from aggressors, but now that protection will transfer across national boundaries. The EU Parliament passed the European Protection Order this week, a measure which allows victims to apply to the country of origin of their protection order to have it transferred to another country as well. This will allow victims safety when moving from state to state.

While women’s rights groups advocated for the legislation, it will benefit men and women equally. People who have protective orders arising from any crime are eligible to have the order extended, including victims of physical violence, harassment, abduction, stalking, and attempted murder. The European Protection Order may also be expanded to include a victim’s relatives.

The EU Parliament will shortly consider similar legislation regarding protection orders arising from civil claims. The combination of the two will have an even broader range.

 Compiled from: Parliament Endorses EU-Wide Protection for Crime Victims, European Women’s Lobby (13 December 2011).