Director of UNICEF Calls for Community Approaches to Stop Gender-Based Violence
Wednesday, September 19, 2007 10:48 AM

UNICEF's Executive Director Ann M. Veneman has called for community-based approaches to stop female genital cutting, 'honor crimes,' forced marriages, and other crimes which subjugate women and girls. Ms. Veneman argues that crimes such as these are symbols of gender discrimination and therefore must be stopped. She believes, however, that effective strategies to combat these crimes must originate from the community itself. She emphasized in an opinion piece last week that groups which use collective action and work in local languages to empower decision-making among women and girls are the most successful and should be replicated in other areas. 

Compiled from: "UNICEF Chief Calls for End to Female Genital Cutting, 'Honour Crimes,' Child Marriage," UN News Centre, 7 September 2007.