Gender Based Violence in Bulgaria Raises Serious Concerns
Thursday, February 7, 2008 11:11 AM

The Bulgarian Vice Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Ivanka Hristova, announced at a recent conference that at least one in every four Bulgarian women is exposed to domestic violence.  In addition, every third Bulgarian knows of someone who is subjected to different forms of violence at home.  Perhaps even more alarming, statistics have shown that an estimated 60% of boys who witness domestic violence become perpetrators in the future, while 50% of girls become victims. Despite this disturbing report, there is an enormous gap between the need for a remedy to end domestic violence and the state’s response to this urgent dilemma.  According to the Council of Europe, the financial burden of domestic violence costs society an estimated 40 euros per citizen.  However, resources spent on prevention and harm reduction in Bulgaria does not exceed 1 euro per person.  Minister Hristova underlined the need for immediate action to end the viscous cycle of violence against women.

Compiled from: “Bulgaria: Gender-based violence raises serious concerns,” “Every Fourth Bulgarian Woman-Victim of Domestic Violence,” Kristalina Ilieva,, Karat Newsletter, Karat Coalition, 7 February 2008