Hague Conference on Cross Border Enforcement of Civil Protection Orders: A Call for NGO Input
Thursday, January 24, 2013 11:00 AM

In 2011, the topic of “the recognition of foreign civil protection orders made, for example, in the context of domestic violence cases” was added as a new item to the work program of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (www.hcch.net). The Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference has conducted preliminary background research on this topic with a view to begin an assessment as to whether a new international treaty (i.e., a new Hague Convention) should be developed in order to ensure the recognition and enforcement of civil protection orders across international borders.
The Permanent Bureau has circulated a Questionnaire to Members of the Organisation in order to obtain further information on legislation and to assess the need for and feasibility of an international instrument in this area. In addition, the input of non-governmental organizations which might have experience in this field would also be very beneficial. Your responses to this Questionnaire, sharing any information you may have based on expertise you or your organization may have, would be a valuable contribution to the current assessment.
Please submit your response in either English or French as soon as possible and no later than 1 February 2013 in order to allow the Permanent Bureau sufficient time to analyze the information before the Council of the Hague Conference in early April. Responses may be sent by email to: secretariat@hcch.net with the following heading and indication in the subject field: “NGO Questionnaire concerning the recognition and enforcement of foreign civil protection orders – [name of your organization].”
If you have questions about the Questionnaire, please contact Philippe Lortie, First Secretary, or Maja Groff, Senior Legal Officer, at secretariat@hcch.net. Thank you for your time and assistance on this important project.
Download the questionnaire in English or French