Haiti: UN Commences New Campaign Against Rape and Gender Violence
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:25 AM

The United Nations has implemented a new operation in Haiti to oppose rape and gender violence. The campaign was launched in response to concern about the safety of women and children still living in 1,300 temporary camps since the severe earthquake last January. That earthquake left approximately 1.3 million people homeless, many of whom remain without permanent shelter.

Police and soldiers who serve as part of the UN peacekeeping mission (MINUSTAH), as well as national police, are being trained to address the problem and ensure quality medical care for victims. In addition, the UN has put into effect a public information campaign on the subject of rape prevention and response.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stressed the impossibility of providing full security in the camps, and noted the UN plan of providing 139,000 transitional shelters by the middle of next year. He called for an end to evictions, and for donors who earlier promised funds to dispense those for use on the number of projects currently awaiting financing.

Compiled from: Haiti: UN Launches New Campaign Against Rape and Gender Violence, US News Centre, WUNRN.com (13 September 2010).