Hungary: Gender Equality Crisis and the Call for Deliberative Democracy
Wednesday, June 26, 2024 9:45 AM

Hungary continues to face significant challenges regarding gender equality, highlighted by the resignations of high-ranking female officials over a scandal involving a pardoned pedophile. In addition to its poor EU Gender Equality Index score, the country has also refused to ratify the Istanbul Convention and has influenced EU directives to downplay non-consensual sex as rape. As Hungary prepares to chair the EU Council, concerns arise about its potential to undermine progress on topics such as gender violence and transphobia. Advocates suggest using deliberative democracy, such as Citizens' Assemblies, to discuss and address these issues, ensuring diverse viewpoints are considered in advancing inclusive values across Hungary and the EU.

Compiled from: Berta Mizsei, "Hung(a)ry for gender equality deliberation in a conservaqtive EU", CEPS, March 8, 2024.