India: High Court Calls for Honor Killings to Cease
Monday, May 23, 2011 11:55 AM

The Supreme Court of India recently called for officials to end the practice of “honor killing.” The Court called the ritual “wholly illegal” and warned that any officials with knowledge of the crime who fail to report perpetrators will face punishment. Also, individuals who take part in honor killings will be held criminally responsible.

The Court has intensified its efforts to combat honor killings by increasing the severity of punishments, stating that this is the only way to stop this kind of “barbaric and shameful murder.” The Court has also ordered the government and state governments to justify what actions they have implemented to lessen the practice of honor killings.

Compiled from: India High Court Urges End to Practice of Honor Killings (20 April 2011), Supreme Court Cracks Down on Tradition of "Honour Killings" (20 April 2011), WURN.