India: Report Highlights Lack of Justice for Disabled Survivors of Sexual Violence
Friday, April 20, 2018 11:55 AM

Women and girls with disabilities who survive sexual assault lack equal access to justice and other essential services in India, according to a new report from the non-governmental organization, Human Rights Watch (HRW). In a November 2017 report, HRW documented the many challenges that all sexual assault survivors face in securing dignity and justice in India, including hostile law enforcement personnel, degrading stereotypes and “inadequate health care, counselling, and legal support.” However, HRW found that disabled women and girls face even greater challenges related to stigma, discrimination, and in some cases the inability to advocate for themselves. The report urges India to implement the requirements of a 2013 law that are intended to strengthen legal protections and services for disabled women and girls who are victims of violence.

The full report, “Invisible Victims of Sexual Violence: Access to Justice for Women and Girls with Disabilities in India,” is available on HRW’s website.

Compiled from: India: Remove Hurdles to Justice for Women with Disabilities: Reforms on Sexual Violence Not Implemented for ‘Invisible Victims,’ Human Rights Watch (April 3, 2018).