Syria: International Organization for Migration Introduces Initiative to Help Iraqi Female-Headed Families and Victims of Trafficking
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 12:30 PM

As part of a broader initiative to assist Iraqi female-headed families and victims of trafficking in Syria, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) partnered with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Association to distribute 800 hygiene kits to women at IOM’s shelters.


IOM began addressing the issue of human trafficking with the Syrian government in 2005 after a large number of Iraqis arrived in Syria. Female-headed Iraqi families are particularly vulnerable to trafficking since they lack means to earn an income.


The € 1.5 million initiative, funded by the European Union, includes providing Iraqi female-headed families and victims of trafficking with medical and psychosocial support, as well as vocational training to help them generate income and find employment. In addition, counter-trafficking initiatives have been introduced in Syria, such as a conference held on human trafficking and a workshop to raise awareness of anti-trafficking measures. IOM also operates two shelters in Syria for victims of trafficking.


Compiled from: Initiative Helps Vulnerable Iraqi Female-Headed Households and Victims of Trafficking, ReliefWeb, (22 October 2010); International Organization for Migration;