Iran: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Calls for Naming Gender Apartheid a Crime Against Humanity
Thursday, January 25, 2024 11:40 AM

Narges Mohammadii, a female human rights activist sentenced to over 12 years of imprisonment in Iran and winner of the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize, has issued an open call for the United Nations to declare gender apartheid a crime against humanity.  In making her case, she lists 19 anti-woman laws in Iran, including the requirement that Iranian women must have the permission of their husband or father to obtain a passport and travel abroad; a 74-lash punishment for not adhering to laws regarding the wearing of a hijab; and loopholes for child marriage if deemed appropriate by a girl's father or paternal grandfather.

Compiled from: Narges Mohammadi, "Nobel Peace Prize winner: The time has come to recognize gender apartheid as a crime against humanity," CNN, Jan. 25, 2024.