Iraq: New Report on Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, and Prostitution of Women and Girls
Monday, January 31, 2011 2:25 PM

During the last three years, the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) has been exploring the problem of trafficking of women and girls in Iraq. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway and some local organizations in Iraq, a new report has been published which is designed to explore the causes and consequences of illegal sexual exploitation, trafficking, and prostitution of women in Iraq.


Iraqi women’s organizations worked with victims in brothels and prisons to discern a number of reasons for the current unfavorable situation in the country. Corruption in the government, the ongoing conflict, economic troubles, kidnappings of women and girls, discriminative legislation, and the impunity of perpetrators are all factors which have a profound impact upon women’s rights in the region. The author also notes the deeply-rooted subordination of women, manifested in domestic violence and “honor” crimes, which is compounded by the social understanding of gender segregation in Iraq.


The current report investigates the most problematic areas, identifies the barriers to preventing violence against women, and offers recommendations.


Compiled from: Marcovich, et al. Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution of Women and Girls in Iraq,, (26 January 2011).