Ireland: Report Warns That Fake Marriages Are a “Pervasive” New Form of Human Trafficking

Sophisticated criminal gangs regularly traffic young women from Eastern Europe into “sham” marriages in Ireland, primarily to men of Southeast Asian origin who want legal residency in the European Union (EU). This is according to 
a new report issued by the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI), which defines sham marriage as “marriages between EU and non-EU nationals for the purpose of immigration advantage, where exploitation of one or both parties has occurred.” The report found that many of the trafficked women experienced sexual and physical violence, as well as “enforced domestic servitude.” The ICI says Irish and European officials have been slow to recognize sham marriages as a “pervasive” form of human trafficking in Europe.

For a copy of the full report, “Exploitative Sham Marriages and Human Trafficking in Ireland,” please visit the ICI website.



Compiled from: Campaigners warn lawmakers over women victims of human trafficking, The Belfast Telegraph (October 10, 2016).