Japan’s Escort Venues Increase
Tuesday, December 18, 2007 2:11 PM

In Japan, escort prostitution venues (deriheru, or “daily health”) are a growing problem.  Brothels are illegal in Nagasaki, but ten more escort venues have surfaced within the last year, creating a total of 98 in the area, according to the police.  Police may enter these establishments to inspect them because of regulations passed last May. Escorts have been murdered and robbed within the last year.  The police suspect links between organized crime and prostitution rings, many of which are not registered.  Female escorts often recruit using monetary gain as an incentive to other young women.

Compiled from: Yusuke, Ogawa and Hata Akira, “Ongoing Problems: The Increase in Escort Prostitution [‘Deriheru’],” republished in Women’s United Nations Report Network, 14 September 2007, reprinted 16 December 2007.