Kenya: New Report on Harmful Practice of Girl-child Beading
Thursday, November 15, 2012 2:10 PM

A community based organization in Kenya, the  Samburu Women Trust (SWT), a network of indigenous women fighting for gender equality, recently released a report on girl-child beading in the Samburu region of Kenya.
Beading is described as a “community-sanctioned, non-marital sexual relationship between Samburu men in the ‘warrior’ age group and young Samburu girls who are not yet eligible to be married.”
The term “beading” is used because in Samburu culture it is believed that beads express wealth and the beauty of Samburu girls, and families are eager to get as many beads as possible for their girls. The report stated that the warrior brings large quantities of beads as well as other goods to the girl as a way of appeasing her.  
SWT conducted the research using in-depth interviews, discussions, and surveys to find the reasons for the harmful practice and to collect community opinions in order to learn effective ways to combat it.