Kyrgyzstan: New Domestic Violence Law Improves Protection for Victims, Strengthens Response of Authorities

On April 27, 2017, the president of Kyrgyzstan signed a new domestic violence law to replace one passed in 2003. The 2003 law criminalized domestic violence but was considered 
poorly enforced. The new legislation expands the definition of domestic violence to include “economic violence,” in addition to physical and psychological abuse. It provides victims with the right to access shelters, as well as medical and mental health services even when criminal charges have not been filed. The law also requires domestic violence training for law enforcement, the judiciary and other service providers, and mandates that the police register all domestic violence complaints, even if they don’t come from the victim.

Compiled fromKyrgyzstan: New Domestic Violence LawGovernment Moves to Improve Response to Abuse, Human Rights Watch (May 10, 2017).