Kyrgyzstan: Pilot Program Hopes to Empower Young Women to End Bride Kidnapping and Forced Marriage

The National Federation of Female Communities of Kyrgyzstan (NFFCK) has developed a pilot program in three rural villages in Kyrgyzstan to educate and “empower girls to end bride kidnapping and early/forced marriage.” The program is the “first of its kind” aimed at girls and women in the Kyrgyz language. The NFFCK, working with UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, hopes the program will help transform attitudes about bride kidnapping, forced marriage and the rights of women and girls. Bride kidnapping is a “prevalent form of violence against women and girls in Kyrgyzstan,” with more than 12,000 girls and women kidnapped each year and forced into marriage.

Compiled from: Voices From Youth - NFFCK KyrgystanUN Women News (June 17, 2016).