Kyrgyzstan: Report Finds Inadequate State Protection and Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence

The organization Human Rights Watch has released a new report that identifies significant gaps in protection and support for domestic violence victims in Kyrgyzstan. The report, “Call Me When He Tries to Kill You: State Response to Domestic Violence in Kyrgyzstan”, found that domestic violence affects nearly one third of Kyrgyz women aged 15-49.  Kyrgyzstan enacted a domestic violence law in 2003 that authorizes protection orders and social services for victims; however, according to HRW, the state has not effectively implemented the law or adequately informed women of their rights. The Kyrgyz government is currently considering an updated domestic violence law that could improve protections for victims.

Compiled from: ‘Kyrgyzstan: End Barriers to Help for Domestic Violence Victims,’Human Rights Watch (October 28, 2015)