Conference to Discuss UNIFEM's Global Report on Women, Work, and Poverty Convened in Azerbaijan
Thursday, June 8, 2006 11:10 AM

On 25 May 2006, leaders gathered to discuss the UNIFEM 2005 Report entitled “Progress of the World’s Women: Women, Work and Poverty” in Azerbaijan. The conference was attended by government officials from Azerbaijan, representatives from various UN agencies, NGOs, leaders from women’s organizations, and others. The UNIFEM global report focuses on the role of working women, particularly in the informal economy, and stresses the need to develop employment opportunities for women. The conference discussed the implications of the report for the world, the CIS region, and specifically in Azerbaijan. National leaders discussed the vulnerability of women to conditions of poverty and the necessity of promoting economic stability and gender equality in Azerbaijan. The report’s findings were also discussed with regard to their impact on the Millennium Goals, eight global objectives developed by the UN that range from the eradication of extreme poverty to combating HIV/AIDS.

Compiled from: "Local Achievements and Global Challenges: UNIFEM Launches Global Report," United Nations Development Fund for Women, 25 May 2006; UN Millennium Development Goals, United Nations,, Accessed 8 June 2006.