Mexico: Report Finds Police Use Torture and Rape to Obtain Confessions

Amnesty International recently released a report revealing the regular use of sexual violence against women to obtain confessions in Mexico. Amnesty investigators found that nearly one-third of the women interviewed said that they had been raped, while others reported other forms of sexual violence, harassment and torture. The report also notes that authorities arbitrarily arrested and detained many women in order to increase the perception that the country is “tackling rampant organized crime.” Many of these women were held indefinitely without seeing a judge. 

Compiled from: Westcott, Lucy, Mexican Authorities Use Sexual Violence Against Women for Forced Confessions: Amnesty, Newsweek (June 28, 2016); Mexico: Sexual Violence Routinely Use as Torture to Secure Confessions from Women, Amnesty International Press Release (June 28, 2016).