Nepal: No Justice for Wartime Victims of Sexual Violence
Tuesday, October 7, 2014 10:00 AM

Women and girls in Nepal suffered torture, sexual violence and harassment during the country's ten-year civil war that ended in 2006, according to a recent report released by the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch. The report, “Silenced and Forgotten: Survivors of Nepal’s Conflict-Era Sexual Violence,” found that few victims are willing to speak about their trauma due to shame, isolation and fear of retaliation. Additionally, under Nepali law, women must report sex crimes within 35 days. This limitation has prevented many women from seeking justice for the crimes committed against them years ago.

According to Human Rights Watch, the government of Nepal has done little to help victims or hold perpetrators accountable, despite legislation that denies amnesty to men who committed sexual violence during the war. Human Rights Watch has called on the government of Nepal to ensure reparations and long-term support for victims of conflict related sexual violence. The organization has also asked the Nepali government to develop an effective means of investigating and punishing acts of sexual violence committed during the war, including helping women report such crimes without shame or fear.

Compiled from: Nepal: Conflict-Era Rapes Go Unpunished Set System of Reparations, Justice for Victim, Human Rights Watch (September 23, 2014).