Nepalese Girls Trafficked into India
Monday, December 15, 2008 1:37 PM

Thousands of girls from Nepal are trafficked annually for forced labor, factory work, domestic services, and sex work. These “tsukris” often come from rural areas of north central Nepal and are considered better for trafficking than are Indian girls because of their culture, inexperience, and desperation.

Some Nepalese girls leave home to escape domestic violence and others choose to leave in search of a better life. Others are lured into leaving their families for education or jobs in India. Most Nepalese girls go to brothels in Mumbai; other top destinations are Pune, Calcutta and New Delhi.

Many trafficked girls face serious health risks. An estimated 50 percent of Nepalese prostitutes in Mumbai had H.I.V. in 2004, according to the World Bank. These statistics are compounded by the fact that sexuality is a taboo subject in Nepal, so many trafficking victims, upon return home, face discrimination and ostracism.

Organizations like Maiti Nepal are working to combat trafficking and help girls who were trafficked to Mumbai. These organizations rescue girls from brothels after 12 – 36 months.

Compiled from: Lost Daughters – An ongoing tragedy in Nepal, Women News Network, 5 December 2008.