New Campaign to Raise Awareness of Trafficking in Bulgaria
Thursday, April 12, 2007 4:48 PM

Bulgaria recently implemented a National anti-trafficking campaign to raise awareness and increase dialogue about the high incidence of human trafficking in the country.  The campaign estimates that around 10 thousand Bulgarian women are trafficked and forced into prostitution around the world.

Trafficking in humans is a topic only recently discussed in Bulgaria.  Officials hope that raising public awareness will decrease incidences of trafficking and the dangers associated with it.  Part of the campaign includes a visual project entitled "Traffic of People."  The project is a combination of nine short films that document the various ways in which prominent Bulgarian public figures address the issue of trafficking in humans. 

The campaign is slated to continue through September.  It will appear in ten towns, including densely populated areas around the Black Sea as well as less populous towns in other areas.  The project is funded by the Austrian arm of international NGO CARE which has a branch in Bulgaria. 

Compiled from: "Bulgarian National Prevention," by Veneta Nikolova, The Network of East-West Women-Polska (NEWW), 12 April 2007.