New Report: Disasters More Adversely Affect Girls
Friday, October 25, 2013 1:25 PM

Plan International, a child rights NGO, recently released a report analyzing what happens to adolsecent girls during a disaster. The report, The State of the World's Girls 2013: In Double Jeapordy: Adolescent Girls and Disasters found that pre-existing inequalities and discrimination leave women and girls particularly vulnerable during and after disasters. The vulnerabilities that girls face on a daily basis are exacerbated during a disaster; for example, girls are more likely to be displaced, face violence, and stop attending school. The report suggests that humanitarian and development efforts after a disaster often do not address the specific needs of girls. 

The report highlights stories from individual girls and makes recommendations for the development and humanitarian community to better protect the rights of  adolescent girls. Plan International further suggests that prioritizing education will help eliminate the inequalities and violence that girls face during disasters.  
Compiled from:  Girls Fare Worse in Disasters, IRIN Global, (October 16, 2013).