New Report Evaluates Gender Justice in the International Criminal Court
Monday, August 13, 2012 9:45 AM

The Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice, an international human rights organization that advocates for gender-related justice through the International Criminal Court (ICC), recently published the 2011 Gender Report Card on the ICC. The report summarizes the most important prosecutions and decisions and analyzes various aspects of the ICC’s operations in light of gender-based considerations. The report then makes recommendations on improving justice for women, both within the ICC’s internal structure and in its investigations and prosecutions of five conflict areas.
Recommendations of the report include:
  • Addressing imbalances in gender representation among mid- to senior-level ICC officials.
  • Defining “serious misconduct” of ICC officials under Article 46 of the Rome Statute to include gender-based or sexual violence.
  • Conducting a sexual harassment audit of the Court.
  • Increasing the Victims and Witnesses Unit’s resources to ensure protection of and assistance for victims and witnesses of gender-based crimes.
  • Better informing victims of gender violence of their right to participate in ICC proceedings and improving the process for obtaining participant status.
  • Appointment of full-time gender experts in the Investigation and Prosecution Divisions.
The report is the seventh Gender Report Card developed by the Women’s Institute for Gender Justice.