Europe: New Report Describes Domestic Violence Services
Thursday, November 5, 2009 11:00 AM

 5 November 2009

Women Against Violence in Europe (WAVE), a network of non-governmental organizations working against violence against women and children in Europe, has released a new report on the situation of social services available to survivors of domestic violence in Europe. The Country Report 2008 “A Right for Protection and Support” describes services available to help domestic violence survivors as well as data on violence against women on a country-by-country basis in order to support the work of NGOs and policy makers working to help end violence against women. The WAVE report compares the collected data with European Union recommendations and outlines what should be accomplished in order to better support women and women’s rights NGOs in Europe

Compiled from: Women Against Violence in Europe, “WAVE Country Report 2008” (2 November 2009); Women's United Nations Report Network, "WAVE Country Report 2008" (2 November 2009).