New Report Provides International Examples of Gender and Security Sector Reform
Tuesday, June 7, 2011 3:20 PM

A new report released by DCAF (the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces) details the progress of various countries’ efforts to incorporate a gender perspective in different security sectors, an integration process that DCAF has backed since 2003.

DCAF’s work in security sector reform includes the publication of a “Gender and SSR Toolkit” in 2008, a resource meant to assist SSR professionals in the integration of gender issues into their work. The organization later developed training materials to accompany the toolkit.

As part of a greater effort to better educate policymakers and SSR trainers in the integration of gender issues, DCAF collected public data and reports from those countries that have demonstrated a real effort to do so. These “examples from the ground” are organized by various security reform themes as well as by country. The report finds that “the integration of gender issues into SSR processes and security sector institutions may enhance…effective delivery of security and justice services, representation, respect for human rights, local ownership, and oversight and accountability of the security sector.”

Compiled from: “Gender and Security Sector Reform: Examples from the Ground (7 June 2011).” DCAFWUNRN.