New Resource: Thomson Reuters Survey Lists Ten Most Dangerous Countries for Women
Wednesday, August 29, 2018 10:55 AM

India tops the list of the ten most dangerous countries in the world for women, according to a comprehensive survey commissioned by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.  The survey reviewed countries in six key areas, including discrimination, sexual violence, human trafficking and cultural traditions, and gave each country an overall score based on how it fared in each category. India scored at the bottom in almost every area. 


Indian women and girls face countless challenges, including widespread violence of every kind, cultural traditions that expose them to forced and child marriage, acid attacks, infanticide and other harmful practices, rampant sex and labor trafficking, and entrenched discrimination in education, employment, healthcare, inheritance and all other areas of life. Other countries where women face similar challenges include Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, and Nigeria. The US ranked 10th on the list, primarily due to the level of sexual and physical violence reported in the country. The US was the only western democracy to make the top 10.


Compiled from: The World’s Most Dangerous Countries for Women 2018Thomson Reuters Foundation (2018).