New Resource: UN Releases New Guidance on Gender Based Violence in Schools

UN Women
 and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have released a new “Global Guidance” aimed at ending violence against girls in schools around the world. According to UN Women, “[e]very year, an estimated 246 million children are subject to some form of gender-based violence—mistreatment, bullying, psychological abuse and sexual harassment,” and sexual abuse. Violence against girls in schools “has a serious impact on educational outcomes,” causing many female students to perform poorly or fail to complete their schooling. The new guidance contains principles, strategies, case studies and best practices for eliminating violence in education.

The full “Global Guidance on Addressing School-Related Gender-Based Violence” is available on the UN Women website.

Compiled from: UNESCO and UN Women release guidance to end gender-based violence in education, UN Women Press Release (December 8, 2016).