New Study Analyzes Outcomes of Reconstructive Surgery After Female Genital Mutilation
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 8:45 AM

A new study funded by the French Urological Association provided reconstructive surgery for almost 3000 women who had experienced female genital mutilation (“FGM”), then analyzed the outcomes. Women were invited back for a one-year follow-up appointment, where they were asked about their clitoral pain, clitoral pleasure, and orgasms.
While about one-sixth of the women had undergone the FGM in France, most of the women hailed from African nations such as Mali, the Ivory Coast, and Senegal.
About five percent of the women had complications after surgery. Despite this, the study ultimately concludes that surgery outcomes were reduced pain and restored pleasure for most women. The authors point out that women suffering from FGM, even in developed countries, need more opportunities to receive reconstructive surgery from adequately trained surgeons.
Compiled from: Pierre Foldes, Beatrice Cuzin, and Armelle Andro, “Reconstructive Surgery After Female Genital Mutilation: A Prospective Cohort Study,” (12 June 2012).