Pakistan: Over 900 Victims of "Honor" Killings in 2011
Monday, March 26, 2012 9:55 AM

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HCRP) reported that at least 943 women and girls (93 minors) were killed last year in Pakistan for defaming the "honor" of their family. Accusations included having “illicit relations” or marrying without permission, and most of the women were killed by their husbands or brothers. Some of the women suffered rape or gang rape before their murders.

This number is compared to 791 "honor" killings reported in 2010. The HCRP commended the parliament for passing laws that will improve the lives of Pakistani women.

 Compiled from: Report: "Honor Killings" Claimed 900 Lives in Pakistan in 2011, Radio Free Europe, (22 March 2012).