Global Peace Indicators Fail to Include Domestic Violence
Monday, July 30, 2007 10:21 AM

The Global Peace Index is a ranking system which proposes to classify the nations of the world by their level of “peace” for their people. This year’s recently announced results include 121 countries, which have been sorted and ranked by their "absence of violence."  While the Index does include factors such as “ongoing domestic and international conflict,” “safety and security,” within the country, and level of militarization, it fails to address a widespread form of violence, i.e. violence that occurs within the home against women and children.

Many advocates are calling for revisions in the criteria included in the Index research. Despite claims from Global Peace Index that, “Peace isn’t just the absence of war; it’s the absence of violence,” some advocates feel the vision for the Index is not yet complete until it includes all forms of violence. 

To view the full report of the Global Peace Index, as well as for information on the criteria and methods for research, please click here (PDF 44 pages).

Compiled from: Global Peace Index Report, 2007; Dark Underbelly of the World's Most 'Peaceful' Countries, The Christian Science Monitor, 26 July 2007.