Peer Education Manual on Human Trafficking Available in Serbian
Wednesday, May 3, 2006 9:35 AM

NGO ASTRA, in cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Serbia and Montenegro, created a Peer Education Manual “Human Trafficking – Our Response”.  This is the first manual of this kind in Serbia. Our long standing expirience in combat and prevention of trafficking in human beings, and especialy work with young people, showed that one of very usefull ways of prevention is peer education, wich led to production of this particular manual.

First part of this manual is applied to analyse the problem of trafficking in human beings, regarding phases of THB, current legislature in Serbia, risk groups, prevention, usefull contacts etc.  Second part is all about peer education, and in the last part you will find step guides for the workshops for young people. This Manual will be distributed to the Red Cross Youth activists, who already passed ASTRA's one-day workshop on combating human trafficking. These young people will share the knowledge acquired at this workshop with their peers in their local communities, having Peer Education Manual «Human Trafficking – Our Response» at disposal as an assistive tool.

Realisation of this Manual was supported by Danish Red Cross, the Red Cross of Norway and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. 

For the  moment, Manual is available only in Serbian, and it could be found at:

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