Philippines Adopts National Action Plan for the Protection of Women During Armed Conflict
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 10:30 AM


In compliance with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions 1325 and 1820, the Philippines adopted a national action plan (NAP) to ensure the protection of women and the prevention of violations of women’s human rights in armed conflict and post-conflict situations. The action plan also seeks to empower women and promote women’s participation in areas of peace building, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, and conflict resolution.

The Philippines is the first Asian country to act upon the two UNSC resolutions, which require UN member countries to implement measures to strengthen and protect the rights of women and ensure peace and security.

The Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Annabelle Abaya, said that this is an important step to guarantee and safeguard the rights of Filipino women. She also noted that she would propose the establishment of an advisory group to help monitor and evaluate the reports of the action plan.

Compiled from: Michaela P. del Callar, “Philippines Adopts UNSC Resolution on Protection of Women,The Daily Tribune (26 March 2010).