USA: Connecticut Police Patrols Equipped with Special Kits to Capture Evidence of Domestic Violence
Thursday, February 4, 2010 2:15 PM

2 February 2010

Police in New Haven, Connecticut, are scaling up the response to domestic violence by equipping patrols with special kits to help properly collect evidence. The main item in the kit is a digital camera, which officials say will aid the officers in investigating and solving domestic violence cases. “Sometimes the victim changes their mind within hours and sometimes having the photographs and if the investigation is done properly, it gives an impact,” says Lieutenant Patricia Helliger. 

The kits also include phone numbers for counseling and emergency shelters, as well as guidelines for officers on how to respond to various scenarios. The guidelines provide a checklist of what evidence must be collected for each case of domestic violence.

Officers have already begun training and expect to begin using the kits this week.

Compiled from: Diana Perez, “NewTool to Capture Domestic Violence Crimes,” (29 January 2010).