Romania Taking Steps to Combat Violence against Women
Monday, June 4, 2007 3:42 PM

A survey conducted in Romania in 1999 revealed that domestic violence was a serious problem for the nation.  Since that time, Romania has been innovative in its attempts to address domestic violence.

One of the inefficiencies in Romania which contributed to the problem of violence against women was the lack of services available to help victims recover.  Recently, Romania has worked to incorporate the treatment of victims of violence into reproductive health services.  Health care workers are now trained on how to spot the signs of abuse and what steps to take in order to provide aid to the victim. 

Systems have been put in place in order to document cases of domestic violence.  While this program works to maintain high levels of confidentiality for the victims, it also allows professionals to follow up with victims to ensure that they receive the proper treatments and aid.  Officials have found that increased support and confidentiality for victims has resulted in a reduced reluctance with regard to victims reporting their abuse.

Other attempts to spread consciousness about domestic violence in Romania have included candlelight vigils, workshops, and television and radio programs.  These actions have raised awareness about the problem and have given local leaders an incentive to continue working for a solution as the general public becomes more concerned.  Most importantly, these actions help to empower victims to seek help and reparation.

Compiled from: Ending Violence Against Women: Programming for Prevention, Protection, and Care, United Nations Population Fund, August 2006.