Russian Federation: Senator Urges Rejection of Bill Criminalizing Domestic Violence

The Russian lower house of Parliament (the State Duma) has passed a bill to eliminate criminal penalties for battery and similar offenses against the person, with the notable exception of battery or assault committed against a family member or cohabiting partner. These domestic violence crimes would remain in the criminal code under the new laws and would be subject to prosecution by the state. A prominent Senator in Russia’s upper house of Parliament, the Federation Council, has urged her colleagues to reject the bill and its exceptions for domestic violence crimes, citing the need to protect family privacy and parents’ rights to discipline their children.

Compiled fromRussian Senator Against Criminalizing Familial Abuse, The Moscow Times (June 28, 2016); Zatari, Amalia, Decriminalizing Battery in Russia: What does It Mean for the Fight Against Domestic Violence?, The Russian Reader (July 5, 2016).