Somalia: Groundbreaking Somali Sexual Offences Bill Adopted
Friday, September 14, 2018 11:55 AM

The Somali Council of Ministers has adopted the groundbreaking Somali Sexual Offences Bill, a milestone victory in the fight against sexual assault and violence against women. The Bill updates obsolete, colonial era laws to criminalize a variety of sexual offenses as well as providing clear, holistic means of legal recourse and protection for survivors of sexual violence. The Billwhich identifies not only sexual offenses prevalent in the region including rape, gang rape, and sexual assault, but also outlines official procedure for investigating and prosecuting those offenseswas drafted in collaboration with Legal Action Worldwide and the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development.

Described as "the most comprehensive Bill on Sexual Crimes," the Bill now moves to the Lower House of the Federal Parliament for vote and could serve as an important template for advancing women’s human rights in other conflict-affected countries.

Compiled from: Sexual Offences Bill, Legal Action Worldwide (updated May 30, 2018); Condensed Sexual Offences Bill, Legal Action Worldwide.